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Mosaic Restoration Course @ Mosaic School Ravenna
5 days - 40 hours
The Mosaic Restoration is the result of a long sequence of study phases, treatments and interventions with the contribution of technology.

The restoration process must be focused not only on the surface, but on the structure, the materials that constitute the mosaic, etc.

Therefore it is essential to understand the causes of deterioration/degrade and the problems that have caused enough damage to warrant restoration.
 Exfoliation of mosaic
Example of Roman Mosaic Floor Contemporary mosaic is subject to different types of degrade compared to antique mosaics.

The integrity of work does not depend on its age, but on other factors such as materials, the technique used, and the exposure conditions (environment, indoor/outdoor) as well as its use (wall hangings, floors, sculptures, urban decorations, architecture, etc.).
There is a need for professionals capable to restore the functionality of those mosaics that are generally private, and not subject to liability.

Some antique mosaics belong to a cultural heritage, and are therefore under law restriction. Our certificate is conceived for handling modern and contemporary mosaics only.
Example of Roman Mosaic Floor
Example of Roman Mosaic Floor Teacher: Luciana Notturni
Co-instructors: A.Marcucci, L.Colomba, G.Warr
Language of lessons: ENGLISH

The price includes all materials, lecture notes, certificate of participation.

Participants: max 6 per class
Injection of Resin
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Daily Schedule
Morning: Introductory lesson on mosaic techniques used in the 1800s and 1900s: direct and indirect.
Lesson on the mosaic materials used, both antique and new: marbles, stones, pebbles, smalti, ceramics, gres (high fired porcelain).
Afternoon: Visual analysis of works: evaluation of the state of conservation, observation of problems, nomenclature of degrades.

Morning: Theory. Intervention project, intervention techniques, work phases necessary based on the analysis of the problems.
Afternoon: Physical, mechanical and chemical cleaning: mechanical-scalpels and brushes, physical-water and brushes, chemical-compresses, chemical solutions.

Morning: Theory. Methods for fixing gaps/cracks (with real tesserae, painted dummy tesserae, etc) and materials.
Afternoon: Hands on practice for the theory studied.

Full day: Continuing practice.

Morning: Protectants (application of synthetic or natural protectors), finishing touches, discussion about restoration.
Afternoon: Possible guided tour.
the mosaic before the restoration-mosaic after the restoration
Course Dates
Luciana Notturni
is considered one of the world's leading experts
of antique Roman-Byzantine mosaics.

She has been teaching for 20 years to Scuola Nazionale
del Restauro, the most important
mosaic restoration institution of the world.

Dates & Registration
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